Pomegranate Tiger ponder life with AI on their return

Pomegranite Tiger
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Canadian prog metaller Pomegranate Tiger has announced that he will release All Input Is Error, his first new album for eight years, on September 7.

The musician's third album, following Entities (2013) and Boundless (2015) explores how AI might affect the world. Multi-instrumentalist Martin Andres previous single, The Cryptographer, featured an eye-catching AI-produced video, and the artist has just released a brand new double-A side single of Devils To Ourselves and Dagger Dance, both of which you can watch below.

"AI is slowly taking over everything it seems… and there aren’t too many things more prog than that!," explains Andres. "The record is meant to bring attention to AI and to open conversations about its role in music and the arts in general.

"AI experts predict with the rise of AGI by 2030, AI will be able to do EVERYTHING better than a human. What does that even mean? That can’t be true… can it? Hence the album name. 

"When AGI gets here… and it’s most definitely coming within the next decade - ANY input or opinion we might have on ANY certain topic, will essentially be rendered error by AGI. Or otherwise put, All input will be error.

"AI has helped immensely already w/ this newest record. From entire music videos, to artwork, professional contracts needed, & all storyline/symbolism ideas behind the newest single Dagger Dance, AI has already deeply infiltrated Pomegranate Tiger and the world alike and no one really knows where it all leads.

"Devils To Ourselves is about every artist’s inner creative drive, & the battles we have within ourselves to produce something worthy & meaningful… sure AI can already make amazing art and music now, but will it ever be able to recreate art, as the best of human beings do which are full of meaning & beauty & inspiration? It feels like the answer should be a clear resounding “No”. What will we do when it does?

"Dagger Dance is a primitive exemplification of the idea that playing with these new civilisation changing technologies can be very dangerous and akin to playing with fire. The truth is we don’t really know what we are messing with when it comes to AI just yet and it’s full consequences on society at large.

"All the music on this record aims to reproduce the chaos, wonder, confusion and unpredictability the world of AI has brought us up until now. I have a feeling the music will serve as a good backdrop to the further insanity and unpredictability AI will bring us in the future."

Yu can see the AI-generated artwork for All Input Is Error and the tracklisting below.

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Pomegranite Tiger

(Image credit: Press)

Pomegranite Toger: All Input Is Error
1. Devils To Ourselves
2. Dagger Dance
3. The Great Filter
4. Poison Pen
5. The Cryptographer
6. Metasphere
7. Burn The Spirit
8. False Dawn
9. All Input Is Error
10. Keyways

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