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Poison reunion to include all 4 originals

Poison frontman Brett Michaels says he can’t see the band touring next year unless it involves the original lineup.

They’ve been the subject of speculation in recent weeks after Michaels talked up the chances of hitting the road for the first time since 2012 – despite the suggestion that one of the four was making things difficult.

Drummer Rickki Rockett said in February that someone was “making it a problem” but recently revealed: “There are a few things being thrown around by our management for next spring.”

Now Michaels tells News 13: “I’m not officially going on record, but rumouring – I’m thinking of reuniting all of the originals. We can’t go out without all of the original guys. It’s got to be CC, Bobby and myself.”

While he’s not specific he adds: “I think we’re going to have to throw a mega Poison summer bash next year.”

Last month Michaels said he was sure the band would record another album. He reported: “We’re all in different places right now, but we’re never done making music.” The band continue to play one-off corporate shows on occasion.

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