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Pink Floyd score another online record

Pink Floyd’s final album The Endless River has set another online record, after becoming the most pre-ordered title in the history of Amazon.

Streaming firm Spotify have revealed that the track Allons-y (1) is the most viral in the history of their service.

And they’ve commented on the “remarkably young” audience who have included Floyd on over three million playlists to date.

Spotify say: “The band has never been more popular with us – which is saying a lot, because fans unlocked their entire catalogue by listening to Wish You Were Here over a million times on a single weekend.

“Who’s doing all this listening and sharing? We found that Floyd skews remarkably young globally, with over 60% of its audience under 35, its strongest listening among 18-22 year-olds, and 80% of its playlisters under 34. Pink Floyd appears to be reaching a really young crowd through Spotify.”

Researchers have also identified that the highest energy in the band’s catalogue can be found on Lucifer Sam, while The Happiest Days Of Our Lives is the easiest to dance to.

The Endless River, a tribute to late keyboardist Rick Wright, reached number one last week.