Pendragon detail album No.10


Pendragon's Nick Barrett has confirmed the band's tenth album is entitled Men Who Climb Mountains.

And although he refuses to describe exactly what the record is about, he says it’s a “long musical journey.”

Barrett reports in his blog: “Sometimes I get asked to write a detailed description of what all the songs are about. It takes about two hours. This time I thought, ‘Sod it – what it’s all about is in the lyrics! Leave it to people to find their own dimension in it; it’s much more fun.

“Most of the songs came from ideas that just came out of playing my guitar and piano over the last couple of years, and messing around with new sounds, particularly delays and vibrato.

“What I’ve done is broken them up into lots of smaller songs and pretty much linked them together so that they run into one long musical journey. I like this way of working.”

He says that while the overall effect is “very melodic,” individual tracks present different atmospheres including atmospheric, lo-fi, rocky and sublime – and he adds of the song In Bardo: “Yup, a welcome return to some of the Dragon’s jazz-rock past.”

Men Who Climb Mountains is Pendragon’s first album with drummer Craig Blundell, following the departure of Nick Higham. The band tour Europe towards the end of the year with three UK dates included:

Nov 06: The Ferry, Glasgow

Nov 07: The Citadel, St Helens

Nov 08: 229 The Venue, London

Men Who Climb Mountains provisional tracklist

Belle Ame

Beautiful Soul

Come Home Jack

In Bardo

Faces Of Light

Faces Of Darkness

…For When The Zombies Come

Explorers Of The Infinite