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Official: Rose is king of the singers

A chart which measures vocal range has revealed Axl Rose as the greatest singer of all time.

The research by Concert Hotels measured the highest and lowest notes reached by a host of top singers – and found that the Guns N’ Roses frontman’s range stretches over five octaves.

Listening to recordings by various vocalists, the researchers rated the singers by range, the highest notes they reach and the lowest notes achieved. Rose came out on top in range and also in the lowest note stakes.

The top 5 in the range category also includes Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, James Browne, Prince and Mariah Carey. Kurt Cobain, Roger Daltrey and Freddie Mercury also score high in the range chart.

The bottom five when it comes to vocal range includes Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

Compare the vocal ranges of the top singers at using Concert Hotels’ interactive chart.

Hear GN’R track You’re Crazy, often described as featuring one of Rose’s best vocal performances.

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