Oceano rise up with Ascendants


Chicago deathcore outfit Oceano have revealed details about their upcoming fourth album.

It’s titled Ascendants and will launch on March 23 via Earache. It’s the follow-up to their 2013 release Incisions.

Frontman Adam Warren says: “It’s basically a concept album but it doesn’t follow a linear storyline. That’s something that’s very predictable so I like to stay away from that and mix things up. But we did follow a general cohesive theme and tapped into a couple of elements that were in the same realm of things.”

The album is currently available to pre-order from iTunes and the band have released a stream of Dead Planet. Hear it below.

Oceano will take to the road across the US in March for a 19-day jaunt.

Ascendants tracklist

  1. Nephilim 2. Transient Gateways 3. The World Engine 4. Dead Planet 5. The Taken 6. Dawn Of Descent 7. The Dulce Incident 8. Arc Of Creation 9. External Existence