Nun gets head blown off in Slipknot Clown's Officer Downe trailer

A still from Officer Downe trailer
A still from Officer Downe trailer

A second trailer for Slipknot man Clown’s upcoming film Officer Downe has been released.

The gory clip sees the policeman in a shoot-out with a group of nuns – which ends up with one having her head blown off. Watch it below. It also follows a trailer which launched last month, and another promo which was issued in June.

The Slipknot percussionist, real name Shawn Crahan, directed the film, which is adapted from the 2010 graphic novel by Joe Casey and Chris Burnham. Starring Sons Of Anarchy’s Kim Coates as the lead character, the film sees the LA super-cop resurrected time and time again through government technology to fight crime on the streets of Los Angeles.

Officer Downe also features other members of Slipknot – with Crahan saying they didn’t get a free pass to appear on set.

He said: “Sid Wilson’s in the movie, Chris Fehn is in the movie, Corey Taylor is in the movie. They all had to apply like everyone else. Those guys all want to act and they all have a knack for it, so I’m going to take them with me for sure.”

Clown pulled out of the band’s Australian tour late last month after his father-in-law died.

He paid tribute to his “second father,” saying: “This man supported my decision to chase music as a career three years before I started the band with Paul Gray. Asking him to marry his daughter was one of the highlights of my life. He loved Slipknot and had seen us all over the world.”

Officer Downe will be released in cinemas and on demand on November 18 (Friday).

The Officer Downe poster

The Officer Downe poster

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