Nirvana (the 60s one) to have new vinyl box set released

(Image credit: Gered Mankowitz)

UK psychedelic band Nirvana are to have their six albums included in a new box set for the first time. Songlife, a a six LP vinyl deluxe box set will be released through Madfish Music on February 26.

Songlife will feature all five of the band’s pioneering studio albums – The Story Of Simon Simopath, All Of Us, Dedicated To Markos III aka Black Flower, Local Anaesthetic and Songs Of Love And Praise, alongside the never before released 1972 album Secrets. Secrets was only recently unearthed in its entirety, its origins began as a musical score that Nirvana had planned on bringing to London’s Theatres and stages in the early Seventies.

Nirvana were essentially the duo of Irish guitarist and vocalist Patrick Campbell-Lyons and Greek composer and keyboard player Alex Spyropoulos – who formed the band following a chance meeting in London during the summer of 1966.

Four of the original albums have been remastered from their original 1⁄4 inch tapes and the box set comes with a 52-page booklet featuring liner notes from renowned author Peter Doggett, interviews with Campbell-Lyons and Spyropoulos, full discography, rare newspaper clippings, previously unseen photos, posters and sleeves, and an exclusive Gered Mankowitz print signed individually by the band.

Says Campbell-Lyons: "Now, as young elderly men, I can say with pride and joy that our friendship is as strong as it was fifty years ago. We see each other often, here in Athens, and respect each other’s creative space. And once in a while we write and record a new song together. Those moments are special, like our friendship.”


(Image credit: Madfish Music)
Jerry Ewing

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