“We made it again!” Nightwish have finished their next studio album

(Image credit: Tim Tronckoe)

Nightwish have completely finished making their 10th studio album.

The Finnish symphonic metal band announced that the long-awaited follow-up to 2020’s Human :||: Nature has now been fully mixed and mastered with a social media post earlier today (February 29).

They wrote: “Our 10th album is now mixed and mastered.

“Thank you Tero [Kinnunen, sound engineer], Mikko [Karmila, mixing engineer] & Mika [Jussila, mastering engineer] for more than 25 years of shared adventures, music & friendship.

“We made it again!”

Nightwish’s upcoming album is tentatively expected to come out in late 2024, and the band have already revealed that they will not tour to support its release.

In a statement posted in April 2023, Nightwish said: “After the planned shows for June 2023 we will be ‘hanging up our spurs’ for an indeterminate time, as far as live concert performances go, and won’t be touring the next album.”

The reasons for the touring hiatus were described as “personal”, but separate from singer Floor Jansen’s then-pregnancy. The vocalist gave birth to her second child in October 2023.

“Be assured that we still love working together,” the band continued, before promising a 12-song album that would be released in 2024, alongside three music videos.

Speaking to Tuonela magazine last month about what Nightwish’s 10th album will sound like, drummer Kai Hahto said (as transcribed by Blabbermouth): “It’s not gonna be the same as Human :II: Nature.

He added: “Probably, let’s say that we go back to more heavy, heavier things on the new album, but also there’s a lot of, again, new winds to blow, so to speak. So, different new elements. But, of course, it’s still Nightwish, but, of course, we brought back the big symphony orchestra again to the new upcoming 10th album. Yeah, it’s gonna be exciting. And quite challenging music to play as well.”

Matt Mills
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