Nicolas Godin to release expanded version of Concrete And Glass

Nicolas Godin relaxing in a chair surrounded by vinyl
(Image credit: Press)

Air’s Nicolas Godin has announced an expanded version of Concrete And Glass will be out on June 25 via Because. The updated edition of his second album contains six new tracks and includes a contribution from Grammy-nominated R&B duo We Are KING.

Says Godin, “I’m happy that this song finally found its path thanks to We Are KING. I wrote this song a few years ago when I was just having fun with my children in the Air studio. For some reason I always thought this tune could make a good song and I decided not to give up on it. Finally after all these years, I had the extreme pleasure to hear what We are KING have done with it and will always remember that night when I heard Another Side on my phone for the first time. It was the confirmation for me that everything comes at the right time when you let destiny guide your steps.” 

An animated video has been released to accompany the song, which places it in the context of a computer game. In it, the lead character Amber The Brave and her dog Rio The Dalmatian explore an array of locations. Just as the album transports the listener to visions of buildings designed by Le Corbusier, Richard Neutra and John Lautner, the game journeys between virtual wonders: a psychedelic mirror world, a Parisienne Love Arts Center and an ancient forest. The visual’s concept, design and 3D animation was created by the acclaimed Brazilian creative Iracema Trevisan, previously of CSS, with additional design by digital artist Gabriel Massan.

The expanded album also contains early demo versions. First is an early version of Another Side, a beautiful, Bacharach-flavoured baroque pop song which Godin wrote with his daughter and son. His then 10-year-old daughter Adele performs the impossibly pure vocals that lead the track, which was then titled L’Enfance n’a qu’un temps and translates as "Childhood Only Lasts For So Long". It’s followed by an early instrumental sketch of Catch Yourself Falling (originally known as Spring Ritournelle), its serene, piano-based ambience sounded like a great lost Air track.

Concrete and Glass: Expanded Edition tracklist:
01. Concrete and Glass
02. Back To Your Heart (featuring Kate NV)
03. We Forgot Love (featuring Kadhja Bonet)
04. What Makes Me Think About You
05. Time On My Hands (featuring Kirin J Callinan)
06. The Foundation (featuring Cola Boyy)
07. Catch Yourself Falling (featuring Alexis Taylor)
08. The Border
09. Turn Right, Turn Left
10. Cité radieuse

Disc 2:
01. Another Side (featuring We Are KING)
02. Love Theme (featuring Kadhja Bonet)
03. Girl Like Sally (featuring Kirin J Callinan)
04. Ti I Ya (featuring Kate NV)
05. L’Enfance n’a qu’un temps (Another Side demo)
06. Spring Ritournelle (Catch Yourself Falling demo)