New film soundtracks embrace the power of prog

The two new films

The soundtracks to two new indie films have embraced the power of prog and space rock.

The first titled 8 Assassins - The Beautiful, The Bad And The Ugly is an action adventure set in the Middle East and features artists including Hawkwind, Nik Turner and Faust among its 24 tracks.

The second film The Rift - Dark Side Of The Moon also features Turner, but adds Rick Wakeman’s Dynamics Of Delerium, John Wetton’s Us And Them and Nektar’s Astronaut’s Nightmare to the mix.

A statement reads: “The action adventure film 8 Assassins - The Beautiful, The Bad And The Ugly features one of the most unusual tracks in the entire oeuvre of UK prog-psych rockers Hawkwind, the haunting Hassan-i Sabbah, featuring Arabic singing and some brilliant violin work by Simon House.

“Also featured on the epic 2CD soundtrack are tracks by Hawkwind co-founder Nik Turner, a compelling live track from experimental German band Faust, prog revivalists Hedersleben, and a host of others!

“Meanwhile, a brand new sci-fi space horror film The Rift - Dark Side Of The Moon features loads of out-of-this-world psychedelic jams including compositions from the Pink Floyd album that inspired the film’s subtitle performed by the legendary John Wetton, XTC’s Colin Moulding as well as The Doors’ Robby Krieger.

“Also featured are Hungarian prog rock giants Omega as well as not one but two bands featuring avant garde percussionist Mani Neumeier of Guru Guru.”

The soundtrack for 8 Assassins will be available on August 18, while The Rift soundtrack will arrive on September 1.

See the tracklists for the soundtracks below, along with trailers for both films.

8 Assassins - The Beautiful, The Bad And The Ugly tracklist

  1. Hedersleben - Gulf Of Lost Souls
  2. Jürgen Engler - 8 Assassins (Score)
  3. Nik Turner - Coming Of The Maya feat Simon House
  4. Klute - No Man’s Land
  5. Alan Davey - Angel Down feat. Simon House
  6. Hawkwind - Hassan i Sabbah
  7. Black Plastic - Sertraline
  8. Onyx - Do U Bac Down
  9. The Wake - Nazarene
  10. Faust - Parasiten
  11. Judy Collins & Ari Hest - Run
  12. Philippe Besombes - Chocolate Cream
  13. Brainticket - Radagacuca
  14. The Coffin Daggers - Instigator
  15. Yellowman - The Happiness Of One
  16. Space Temple - Acid Journey feat. Wayne Kramer
  17. Jürgen Engler - Assassin Fuzz (Score)
  18. Damon Edge - I’m A Gentleman
  19. Spahn Ranch - Heretic’s Fork
  20. Paul Dianno - War Machine
  21. Larry Donn - Honey Bun
  22. Blackburner vs. DMX - We Gonna Tear Shit Up
  23. Christian Death - Psalm (Maggot’s Lair)
  24. Loon - Belly Dance feat. Gritty

The Rift - Dark Side Of The Moon tracklist

  1. Omega - Don’t Keep On Me Waiting
  2. John Wetton - Us And Them
  3. Colin Moulding & Robby Krieger - Brain Damage
  4. The Anix - Mask
  5. Echolust - 1799
  6. Nik Turner - Paranormal
  7. Leæther Strip - Serenade For The Dead
  8. Nektar - Astronaut’s Nightmare
  9. Le Seul Element - C. abyssal
  10. Brainticket - Nebula
  11. Rick Wakeman - Dynamics Of Delerium
  12. Chrome - Into The Eyes Of The Zombie King
  13. Guru Freakout - Notre Dame (Mothership) edit
  14. Guru Guru Groove Band - UFOlove
  15. A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away)