Nektar release new single SkyWriter

(Image credit: Glass Onyon)

SkyWriter with B-side Devil's Door will be available on 12-inch vinyl, CD and digital. It is the first single from Nektar's new album The Other Side, which will be released in January 2020 on Esoteric Records. 

The original members of Nektar, Derek ‘Mo’ Moore, Ron Howden, and Mick Brockett, are back. They've added Ryche Chlanda from Fireballet and the ’78 band, Randy Dembo from the 2005 band, and newcomer and world-class keyboard player, Kendall Scott.

The music for The Other Side comes from the 1978 era when they were writing in Mo's basement in Chatham, New Jersey. This music was put on pause for the last 40 years, and now it’s finally being released with new input and fresh ideas. 

Of the new single, Mo says: “Sky Pilot I wrote in 1978 but did not like it so much, it was OK but not finished. Ryche switched it around and wrote the music for the verse and it became SkyWriter, which I love. Words are by Ryche, Mick and myself. It's a story of a guy whose significant other… wife, girlfriend, mother, dies, and he is up in the sky writing letters which he hopes she will see. All part of The Other Side concept. 

"The B-side Devils Door was an old 1974 song we played in a couple of concerts back in the day but we never finished it. Ryche, Mick and I wrote lyrics for it and got it ready to record. While we were getting ready I realised that Roye Albrighton's introduction guitar sounded great, I suggested starting off the song with it which was enthusiastically received by all. It became a great piece of music and the beginning vocal even sounds like Roye. The story is of flying near the and flying away from the Devils Door which is beyond the Other Side...”

The 12-inch vinyl and CD single will be available at ProgStock, where the band will be performing on October 11-13. You can buy the single now.  

The Vinyl will include:

SkyWrite in its longer form 7:53 (A-side)

Devils Door 8:09 (B-side)

CD digipack will include:

SkyWriter in its longer form 7:53

Devils Door 8:09

SkyWriter Radio Edit 5:20

Opening guitar on Devils Door is by Roye Albrighton

cover art is by Helmut Wenske


(Image credit: Glass Onyon)