MWWB stream title rack of upcoming album The Harvest

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Welsh outfit MWWB, previously known as heavy retro prog rockers Mammoth Wee Wizard Bastard, have streamed brand new song The Harvest, which you can listen to in full below.

It's the title track of the band's upcoming album which will be released through New Heavy Sounds on March 25, which sees the band shifting away from their earlier doom sound, bringing Moogs and Mellotrons into the mix for a sound that's been described as "...John Carpenter rubbing shoulders with Pink Floyd...".

The Harvest, both as a song and an album, represents an array of emotions... it wasn’t planned," says MWWB singer Jessica Ball. "It is a raw, real-time experience of processing difficulties in both personal and general life. It’s emotionally scatty; much like the spectrum of reactions and feelings we go through in response to being alive. In relation to our other albums, The Harvest feels to us like we are reaping what we’ve sown.”

Originally planned for release last year, the album was delayed when guitarist Paul Michael Davies suffered a severe, almost life ending stroke at the beginning of the year after contracting Covid.

"It’s been a long and arduous road for him ever since," Jessica continues. "He had to be put into a medically induced coma while the doctors battled to keep his oxygen levels up. It was touch and go for many months, and at one point we were told to say our final goodbyes to him.

"As we all waited for that awful day to come, Dave had other ideas. Against the predictions of the doctors, he came back fighting. Fast forward to today, and Dave is doing exceedingly well in rehabilitation and once again surpassing the expectations of everyone around him. Despite the life-altering effects of having a stroke, including relearning speech and movement, Dave has worked his hardest at every challenge presented to him and it shows. He is visited regularly by his partner Charlie and their son Zeke, who have been nothing but incredibly strong and positive for all of us through this time.

"I’m so happy to say that the album we recorded before Dave fell ill will be released in March, and we can all share in the experience together. Thank you so much to all our fans who have been patient with us and stuck around. This album is for you!"

The Harvest was recorded by Ball, Davies and bassist Stuart Sinclair with Black Moth drummer Dom McCready guesting. The album will be available on limited edition deluxe coloured vinyl in two colour variants as well as CD and digital formats

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(Image credit: New Heavy Sounds)
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