Watch this metalhead sum up different types of metal fans in this tongue-in-cheek video

Opal In Sky
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Metalheads hold some headstrong opinions about the music we like. It's part of our identity, and being part of the metal community gives us a place to share - or defend - our interests in a welcome and passionate space full of likeminded individuals.

It's why sometimes, we can find it amusing to playfully poke fun over certain stereotypes that comes with being a metaller; whether that's how we act at festivals, the clothes we wear, or how we can collectively group together in bemused agreement over the brilliance or daftness of various songs or albums (like you know, the snare drum sound on Metallica's St. Anger album being totally shit).

Metalcore duo Opal In Sky spend much of their time comically depicting metal-themed scenarios and stereotypes on their TikTok profile, like the time they recounted the top five most metal creatures of the animal kingdom.

Their latest creation however, sees one half of the band, Dylan Opalinsky, run through a handful of stereotypes relating to metal fans of various sub genres.

To kick off, the musician declares: "Thrash metal fans absolutely need to get the point across that anything after The Black Album [by Metallica] just sucks", then, as a gleeful image of Dave Mustaine pops up, he adds: "that, or they just say Megadeth is better". 

Speaking of deathcore listeners, the TikTokker says: "Deathcore fans are either extremely nice and welcome you to their genre, or absolute ear holes, keeping the gate".

By that, we assume they're staunch defenders of the deathcore sound, and often gate-keep. While of course, this description may well or not be true of certain listeners, we're just entertained by the video which at this moment, pops up an image of Lord Of The Rings' Gandalf proclaiming his infamous line 'You shall not pass!". 

Elsewhere, he portrays the personas of Slipknot fans, nu metal fans, Viking metal fans and metalcore fans, the latter of which takes an amusing turn...

Check it out below:


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