These are the top five most metal animals on the planet, according to The Internet

TikTok metal animals
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While it's true that there is a significant portion of TikTok reserved for dancing teens, amongst the chaos and silly videos there's an active and brilliant metal community serving up top quality videos, everything from metal covers to amusing skits and hilarious commentary.

One account contributing to the mass of metal content on the app is metal duo Opal In Sky, who dub themselves the 'metalcore twins'. In between promoting their own music, they also deliver hilarious videos that explore all things to do with living life as a metalhead, such as 'four types of metalhead sneezes', 'metalheads on a first date' and other videos relating to funny metalhead stereotypes.

In a recent video, they document the 'top 5 most metal animals', which straight away had us googling which ones you're allowed to keep as pets. Look we just really want a Hebridean sheep to scare the neighbours with, alright?

"Here are five animals that are metal as fuck," one of the TikTok twins suggests. "First up is the armadillo lizard, it's literally just a tiny dragon and we all know how METAL dragons are. Plus this one is just fucking adorable.

"Next is Valais blacknose sheep. It has a black hole for a face and it always looks like they're just dropping a new album."

Our favourite probably has to be number 3, the basking shark, which is described as an animal that "looks like its constantly screaming everywhere it goes". Mood.

The next animal documented is the aforementioned Hebridean sheep, which has four horns and particularly fluffy fur - fur in which Satan is very likely / probably hiding. As for number 5, you may be surprised: spoiler: it's not an animal at all, just a 'beastly' metal singer...

Check out the video below:


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