Megadeth offer peek at virtual reality shoot


Megadeth have released behind-the-scenes footage of their virtual reality video shoot.

The band recorded Fatal Illusion, The Threat Is Real, Dystopia, Post-American World and Poisonous Shadows at a customised studio with director Blair Underwood, using 360-degree cameras.

The results will be rendered in an immersive world based on the one seen in the video for The Threat Is Real. Fans will be able to purchase a cardboard VR headset along with the band’s upcoming new album Dystopia – released on January 22 (Friday). A download code packaged with the special edition of the record will offer access to exclusive content.

Frontman Dave Mustaine tells Rolling Stone: “We’re hoping for something that is completely mind-blowing, and we’re doing something that to the best of my knowledge hasn’t been done yet by any metal bands and maybe not any bands at all.

“You’re not only going to be able to see what we’re doing — you’re going to feel like you’re right in the room with us.”

Underwood – of Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD fame – says It literally is as if you were to walk up on stage, stand next to each band member – watch the drummer, walk around stage, see people moving around in the wings.”