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Maybeshewill to split after tour

Maybeshewill have announced they’re to split after a final show in London next year.

It will follow a farewell tour that’s still being arranged – but the band believe they won’t return after their appearance at Koko on April 15.

They say in a statement: “We’ve thought about calling this a hiatus, or just saying things are over – but if we’re completely honest we can’t quite bring ourselves to put our feet firmly in either camp.

“There are numerous reasons why this has to happen for some of us. The nature of a band means that you have to find a solution which suits everyone, and that’s what we’re doing here.

“That’s why we’ve decided that these will be our last shows and leaving it at that.”

Maybeshewill, who released fourth album Fair Youth last year, insists all five members remain close friends. They add: “We don’t see another record in our futures right now – but hopefully we will make music together again at some point. You can never say never.”

Tickets for the London show are on sale now. The farewell tour will be detailed in due course.

Limelight: Maybeshewill