Mastodon name 6th album


Mastodon have confirmed their sixth album is to be called Once More Round The Sun – and it was named long before they started work.

Drummer Brann Dailor has already described the follow-up to 2011’s The Hunter as “a gorgeous album,” adding: “It’s a reflection of our past, with a few songs that are a bit out there, and show a new direction.”

Confirming the title, bassist Troy Sanders tells Paste Magazine: “After we finished the two-year cycle on our last record, we were kind of gearing up to go back to our rehearsal space.

“We were starting the effort – the time, the blood, the energy, the months of driving, the recording and the long process between recording and release day.

“We’re fortunate enough to do this again – but there is this feeling of this cycle. It’s not a bad thing; it’s embracing the positive. And like anything in the Mastodon world, it’s open to interpretation.”

Track titled include Ember City and Diamonds In The Witch House – and the band recorded so much material that there’s the chance of an additional EP beyond the album itself.

Sanders says of the artwork: “It’s going to be very eye-opening, very striking. It’s from another dimension, and a lot of our music is geared toward that idea — taking you to another planet on songs. I think it’s incredible.”

Mastodon appear at this year’s Sonisphere festival at Knebworth Park in July.