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Mastodon Brann gives old man a drum lesson

Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor has given an elderly gentleman a drum lesson as part of an advertising campaign for beer company Mikkeller.

The Copenhagen-based brewery’s spokesman Stig Holmden has been the butt of a string of jokes as part of their marketing strategy, with Dailor the latest to take part. The Mastodon man gives Stig a drum lesson via video link, but it transpires that Dailor is trying to kill the old man through overexertion.

Poking fun at Stig’s Mastodon t-shirt, Dailor says: “Nice shirt by the way. I didn’t know they came in fat.”

Stig drops his sticks after trying an ambitious drum roll and says: “Oh God, how I hate Mastodon.”

Mastodon released sixth album Once More ‘Round The Sun in 2014 and next year they headline Bloodstock festival.