Magma reissue 1974’s Wurdah Ïtah


Magma have reissued their 1974 album Wurdah Ïtah on CD for the first time.

And along with the original album, the new release features Wurdah Ïtah Prima Materia – the original demo used for the soundtrack to the film Tristan & Iseult.

Magma’s Christian Vander says: “Winter 1971. Between two series of concerts, we are pacing in circles like caged animals.

“Georgio Gomelsky senses the tension in the air and decides to book the little Chappell studio for us for a few days in order to release our pent-up energy.

“On January 3, 1972, Klaus Blasquiz, Jean-Pierre Lembert, René ‘Stundëhr’ Garber and I enter the studio. Despite the many imperfections of this recording, it remains an essential document to understand the origin of Wurdah Ïtah and to feel our frenzy at the time.”

Wurdah Ïtah was recorded in April 1974 – one month before the sessions which produced Kohntarkosz and forms the second movement of Theusz Hamtaahk.

Wurdah Ïtah is available to purchase through the Seventh Records online store.

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