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Machine Gun Kelly throws punch at fan, gets booed by audience and dissed by Trivium's Matt Heafy

Machine Gun Kelly
(Image credit: Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Machine Gun Kelly has sure been getting into some scrapes recently. First, the rapper-turned-pop-punk hopeful got into a scrap with Conor McGregor at the VMAs, before using his spot on the Riot Fest bill to very publicly diss Slipknot while on stage. 

The latter altercation led to a whole internet shit-storm which saw aggrieved metal fans and Maggots – as well as Corey Taylor himself – pile on to take swipes at Kelly online. But the ill-feeling wasn't contained to the internet, and carried on throughout the duration of his performance at this weekend's Louder Than Life festival in Kentucky. 

As the vocalist took to the stage at the event – which mostly billed artists of the heavier persuasion – MGK found himself face to face with a sea of booing punters and middle fingers. Obviously, a lot of Slipknot fans were there in attendance.

Later in the set, MGK made his way to the photo pit, and was confronted by two fans jumping the barrier. As the evening's hostility reached boiling point, MGK was seen taking a swing at one of the fans, resulting in security stepping in to separate them. Seriously MGK, ever heard of Yoga? Meditation? Not giving a fuck? Perhaps not.

Trivium, who played over at Knotfest this weekend, also had some words to say about the recent MGK/Corey Taylor debacle.

On Twitter, Trivium's frontman Matt Heafy, wrote: "I’d like to formally diss Machine Gun Kelly for 'being 31 years old wearing a fucking 16 year old pop punk cosplay identity on a fucking stage'”. He then dubbed Machine Gun Kelly with the childish – but fairly amusing – moniker 'Squirt Gun Smelly', because insulting MGK is what we do now.

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If you're new to the MGK vs the rock/metal world malarkey, it all started when Slipknot's Corey Taylor passively insulted Machine Gun Kelly on the Cutter’s Rockcast in February, stating "I hate all new rock for the most part. I [hate] the artists who failed in one genre and decided to go rock – and I think he knows who he is.” 

The squabble then escalated when MGK described as a bunch of "50 years old, wearing a fucking weird mask on a fucking stage" during his Riot Fest set, before telling people on Twitter that Taylor had only ever insulted him as he was "bitter" about his guest spot on MGK's latest Tickets To My Downfall album being binned. 

The result was a very pissed off 47-year-old mask-wearing Taylor presenting his side of the story over on Twitter. Delivering on the "receipts", the frontman aired his dirty laundry in the form of a series of screenshots that showed MGK heaping praise on Taylor's contribution and Taylor backing out of the project due to creative differences.

Although this all probably belongs in the playground, you can see MGK's attempt to fight a fan below:

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