Looking for a new tent this festival season? Go Outdoors has a massive camping gear sale happening now...

Couple relaxing in a tent with a guitar and bongos in shot
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We’re well into festival season now, and with 2000 Trees, Bloodstock and Reading & Leeds on the horizon it might be time to invest in some new camping gear to help you survive a debauched weekend outdoors.

Maybe you sacrificed half your gear to the weather gods at Drownload, or maybe your current tent had its first outing at the 1980 Monsters Of Rock? Either way, it's worth stocking up on camping essentials now rather than discovering a problem once you're already on-site. 

Go Outdoors is currently hosting a monster sale on everything from Outwell sleeping bags and Vango tents, to Hi-Gear lanterns and SilentNight inflatable mattresses to make your festival experience even more enjoyable.

You’ll need a Go Outdoors discount card to get the best price, but you can pick one up from any Go Outdoors store.

Amazon's Prime Day bargain-fest is just around the corner, but in the meantime you should be able to satiate all your festival camping needs right here.

Solus Horizon 4 Inflatable Tent - (opens in new tab)

Solus Horizon 4 Inflatable Tent - £500 £249. Save £251 (opens in new tab)

There's more than enough space for you and your crew to exist comfortably in this spacious 6-person tent. The inflatable poles means it'll take minutes to put up, ideal if it's hammering down.

Outwell ECOcool Lite 24L - (opens in new tab)

Outwell ECOcool Lite 24L - £79.99 £53. Save £26.99 (opens in new tab)

Warm festival beer is a rite of passage, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a few cold brews to celebrate an epic day of bands - this powered cooler is ideal for chilling drinks and food.

Muc-Off Dry Shower - (opens in new tab)

Muc-Off Dry Shower - £4.99 £2.50. Save £2.49 (opens in new tab)

Nobody showers at festivals, but nothing quite freshens up the final day funk like a few squirts of this shower in a can. You'll definitely get fewer looks at the services on the drive home.

Hi-Gear Aura 3-Person Tent - (opens in new tab)

Hi-Gear Aura 3-Person Tent - £220 £149. Save £71 (opens in new tab)

Sleep three people comfortably, with enough porch space to store a weekend's worth of booze. It's waterproof, but the fabric is breathable too so it won't feel like a sauna.

Outwell Colosseum Sleeping Bag - (opens in new tab)

Outwell Colosseum Sleeping Bag - £64.99 £32. Save £32.99 (opens in new tab)

Temperature control can be a nightmare at festivals, especially after a skinful. The Colosseum works like a regular sleeping bag, or it can be  unzipped to create a plush double duvet.

SilentNight Double Flock Pump Airbed - (opens in new tab)

SilentNight Double Flock Pump Airbed - £60 £19. Save £41 (opens in new tab)

If you're a festival veteran there's no shame in wanting a little more comfort when sleeping under canvas. Put this between you and the floor and your bangover may feel slightly better come the morning.

Vango Tango 200 2 Person Tent - (opens in new tab)

Vango Tango 200 2 Person Tent - £95 £50. Save £45 (opens in new tab)

You can't go wrong with a £50 tent. This compact 2-person setup weighs just over 4kg, making it easy to carry from the car park to the campsite.

Hi-Gear Aura Rechargeable Lantern - (opens in new tab)

Hi-Gear Aura Rechargeable Lantern - £25 £12. Save £13 (opens in new tab)

Finding your tent is one thing, but locating the bottle opener or your toothbrush once you're in it is a whole other conundrum. Light your way with this powerful, rechargeable lamp.

Outwell Deepsleep Self-Inflating Mat. (opens in new tab)

Outwell Deepsleep Self-Inflating Mat. £69.99 £35. Save £34.99 (opens in new tab)

A quick solution for camping comfort that packs down into a small carry bag and creates a 7.5cm cushion between you and the ground when inflated.

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp - (opens in new tab)

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp - £55 £37.25. Save £17.75 (opens in new tab)

We wouldn't recommend relying on your phone's torch to get you from A to B at night; it's not very bright and the battery won't last forever. Strap this on and light the way, hands-free.