Look out! This Rick James and Dio mash-up is a slice of fried internet gold

Dio's Holy Diver album artwork and a cut-out of Rick James
(Image credit: rickjames.com | Vertigo)

Hot on the heels of his fantastic mash-up of Judas Priest's Rock Hard Ride Free, Super Freak by Rick James and Journey's Any Way You Want It, YouTube genius Bill McClintock has returned with another slice of fried internet gold.

Holy Mary Jane takes Dio's anthem Holy Diver, Rick James' thinly-disguised paean to the devil's cabbage, Mary Jane, and a sprinkle of Lynch Mob's Wicked Sensation. The result is a soul-fuelled metal stomp, aided by Vivian Campbell's classic riffs and Vinny Appice's solid drum work.

While some mash-ups sound like they've been slammed together, this is nothing short of genius. One YouTube user was moved to comment, "So perfectly seamless. Bill McClintock has arrived at the Jedi Grand Master level."

During the video, eagle-eyed viewers will catch Rick James channeling Ronnie James Dio's devil horns gesture (thanks Geezer) right around the 2:14 mark. It's as though this collision of songs was meant to be.

Check out the clip below and prepare to watch it again and again:

If you're unfamiliar with McClintock's wizardry, be sure to check out Van Halen, Quiet Riot and Free, or Slipknot vs The Spice Girls, or Motley Crue vs Motown or if it's payday and you really want to cut loose, Metallica vs Huey Lewis.

Simon Young

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