Some genius has created the ultimate Saturday night soundtrack by mashing together Van Halen, Quiet Riot and Free

Van Halen, Quiet Riot and Free
(Image credit: YouTube)

If you consider yourself a rather restless music consumer, and have a habit of jumping playlists on account of there being just too many brilliant bands to chose from, then may we make a suggestion? Two words, Bill McClintock.

Mash-up maestro McClintock has the perfect solution for those permanently itching to flip records or skip forward through your Spotify queue. Basically, he makes mash ups, that can have you listening to not just one, but multiple bands at the same time.  Clever, huh?

This time around, YouTube's premier mixologist had spliced together a mash-up titled Van Free Riot Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Metal Health Now, formed of Quiet Riot's 1982 single Bang Your Head (Metal Health), Free's 1970 classic All Right Now and Van Halen's debut album banger Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love. Attentive ears will discern that there's also a guitar fill from Van Halen's And the Cradle Will Rock at 1:12 and another at 2:09, lifted from Ozzy Osbourne's evergreen anthem Crazy Train.

Has there ever been a more irresistible rock'n'roll sandwich? We'll wait... 

In the meantime, get on this:

And if you’re unfamiliar with McClintock’s startling back catalogue, head over to his YouTube channel, where you'll find plenty of other examples of his sonic alchemy, including Slipknot vs The Spice Girls, Van Halen vs Stevie Wonder, Megadeth vs The Jackson 5, Motley Crue vs Motown, Metallica vs Huey Lewis, Aretha Franklin vs Aerosmith and many, many more.  

Liz Scarlett

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