LongFallBoots stream new album


The Warwickshire fuzzmeisters are exclusively streaming their new full-length Wait For The Echo with Metal Hammer.

Taking influence from the likes of Melvins, Kyuss and Deftones, LongFallBoots create one heavy, distortion-fuelled racket.

Speaking about the album and the recording process, the band say: “We spent the first year and a half of the band’s existence locked away in the studio releasing a bunch of EPs, with our ‘write it in a night, record it in a weekend’ regime.

“As we were starting to prepare our live show our friend persuaded us (after a lot of arguments) to put out a full-length album. He got the timing about right because after we’d put in the hours really understanding what our sound is, Wait For The Echo is the truest representation of what we’re about: keeping it heavy and fuzzy, but working in that melody with it.”

Wait For The Echo is released 16th February on CD and download.