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Listen to VLMV’s new album Stranded, Not Lost in full


London duo VLMV have released a full stream of their debut album Stranded, Not Lost exclusively with Prog.

It’ll officially launch on February 16 (Friday) but Prog readers can listen to all 10 tracks now.

VLMV’s Pete Lambrou says: “Stranded, Not Lost is the first album I’ve written as a whole album, and not just songs that are pieced together to form a sort of best-of after a certain period.

“I built a retreat studio in the basement of my house and buried myself there for a while. I wanted to keep this spatial feel that our previous album had, but create something more intimate.

“Thematically it’s a very inward album, which I haven’t really done for a long time. I think you can really hear the isolation in there. It’s personal, lonely and regretful.”

Stranded, Not Lost is now available for pre-order, while the full stream, tracklist and cover art can be found below.

VLMV Stranded, Not Lost tracklist

  1. He Has Already Divided Us
  2. If Only I
  3. Among My Quietest Fears
  4. All These Ghosts
  5. A Dead Channel Blues
  6. Stranded, Not Lost
  7. And There Was peace In Our Hearts For All The Dark Things That Surround Us
  8. Little House
  9. Lunokhod
  10. Corners