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Listen to Serj Tankian’s collaboration with Sebu Simonian and Misho

Serj Tankian
Serj Tankian (Image credit: Joseph Okpako/Redferns - Getty)

Serj Tankian has collaborated with Capital Cities’ Sebu Simonian and Armenian rapper Misho on the new single Introvert (Call Me Crazy).

Billboard report that while Simonian is working on his debut solo album, Introvert (Call Me Crazy) is a standalone single, with the System Of A Down frontman writing two rap verses for the song

A video for the track can be watched below, with Tankian explaining on Twitter: “Here’s the full lyric video for Introvert (Call Me Crazy) that I collaborated on with Misho and Sebu Simonian.

“After hanging out a few times over Armenian apricot vodka and food, we decided to do a track together for fun and this song is the result.”

Simonian told Billboard: “I sent it back to them and they liked it, so we decided to make it a three-way collaboration. I wanted to call it Call Me Crazy, but Misho said, ‘It's got to be called Introvert. That's the core topic. So we made it Introvert (Call Me Crazy).”

System Of A Down, meanwhile, are still due to tour this summer across Europe. They were also scheduled to headline the UK’s Download festival this year, but the festival was cancelled last month due to the coronavirus lockdown.