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Listen to killer new Korn single Forgotten, the opening track on Requiem

(Image credit: Tim Saccenti )

Korn have shared Forgotten, the opening track of their forthcoming Requiem album, as the collection’s second single.

“It’s a great opener, I think,” guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch exclusively tells Metal Hammer. “That song reminds me of just going into the studio and starting this whole record. It takes me back. Jonathan's lyrics are amazing, I love the opening riff… I really love where that song went.”

Forgotten arrives with a visualiser created by EFFIXX, who did the VFX work in the video for Korn's first Requiem single, Start The Healing, which was directed by Tim Saccenti (Flying Lotus, Run The Jewels, Depeche Mode). Talking about that song in November, frontman Jonathan Davis said, “The dark, to me, has been a very familiar place… but now I’m going through this new life, having had that [darkness] all go away.”

“What a perfect song to unleash the new record, you know, Start The Healing,” Head says. “It just speaks volumes about what Jonathan went through, and where we're at as a band now, and then you can translate that over to the world. [Korn’s 2019 album] The Nothing was very personal record for Jonathan… a very, very, very heavy record. [But] you can't stay there in the heaviness forever, you know, you’ve got to move on, you’ve got to grow, you’ve got to heal.” 

Requiem feels not as heavy, subject-wise, and i like that,” Head adds. “I'm very happy with the new record being more light, you know, and more vulnerable.”

The full track list for Requiem is:

1. Forgotten
2. Let the Dark Do the Rest
3. Start The Healing
4. Lost in the Grandeur
5. Disconnect
6. Hopeless and Beaten
7. Penance to Sorrow
8. My Confession
9. Worst Is On Its Way

The album will be released on February 4, via Loma Vista Recordings.

Korn play Download festival on June 12.


(Image credit: Korn)