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Listen to Coldbones' sweeping new single Ruin

Coldbones (Image credit: Incendia Music)

Coldbones have launched a stream of their brand new single titled Ruin.

It’s the latest material taken from the UK instrumental outfit’s upcoming concept album The Cataclysm, which is set to arrive on April 17 through Dunk! Records.

The trio shared a video for the lead track Collapse last month.

Coldbones say: "Ruin draws attention to the realisation that the Earth will never be the same again. A sombre and atmospheric landscape symbolises the devastation and mourning of a world that was once thriving with habitation, species and lush vegetation. 

“Now, the knowledge that was once shared between many stands still in time, below the burning sun upon the hinterlands.”

Musically, Ruin is said to further demonstrate “the pure dynamic force and atmospheric power of the band's combined arsenal of post-rock, prog, shoegaze and traditional metal.”

The Cataclysm is split into two halves: The Flooding Of The World and The Burning Of The Earth. Find the full tracklist and cover art below, along with pre-order details.

Coldbones: The Cataclysm
UK post-rock instrumental outfit Coldbones are preparing to release their new concept album The Cataclysm. The record will include the lead tracks Collapse and Ruin.View Deal

Coldbones: The Cataclysm

The Flooding Of The World

1. Collapse
2. Tide
3. Cleanse
4. Ascend

The Burning Of The Earth
1. Ruin
2. Consume
3. Hinterlands
4. Extinct