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Leprous to headline Heart Sound Festival with unique shuffle set

Norwegian proggers Leprous will headline this year's Heart Sound festival with a unique set, chosen by their fans, on the spot!

The unique shuffle set will see a box containing the title to every Leprous song, which will be withdrawn by the band's fans and which the band will then immediately play.

"We'll be doing a live version of a shuffle playlist at the Heart Sound Festival," explains singer Einar Solberg."We'll have our songs in a big box, hat or container, and we'll let you guys pull out track by track, and that's how the setlist will be built. it'll be completely random; it could be a hit parade or a total oddball setlist, we just don't know.

"So if you plan to see one special Leprous show this year, this would be the perfect opportunity to see something completely new from Leprous, and we'll never do it again."

The Heart Sound Festival raises money for local charity Ensemble contre les leucémies, who raise funds and awareness in the fight against leukaemia.

The French festival takes place on April 6 at Espace Jean-Marie Poirier, Sucy En Brie near Paris. Danish proggers VOLA are also appearing, alongside Humanity's Last Breath, Smash The Combo, The Dali Thundering Concept and more.

Tickets are priced at €35 in advance, or €38 on site. Tickets can be purchased here.

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