Led Zep unleash basic Black Dog


Led Zeppelin have released the basic mix version of Black Dog from the Led Zeppelin IV remaster set, out next month.

It’s one of the tracks on the companion disc, curated by guitarist Jimmy Page, who also oversaw the new production of the 1971 album.

He tells Rolling Stone: “Black Dog is obviously one of the songs Led Zeppelin is really noted for. It’s one of the powerhouse numbers that we did with an incredible riff. The version on the companion disc is a rough mix in its early stage with minimal guitar overdubs and Robert’s original vocal. You can hear how mean it is.”

The Led Zeppelin IV remaster is released on October 27, alongside Houses Of The Holy.


Original album

  1. Black Dog

  2. Rock And Roll

  3. The Battle of Evermore

  4. Stairway To Heaven

  5. Misty Mountain Hop

  6. Four Sticks

  7. Going To California

  8. When The Levee Breaks

Companion disc

  1. Black Dog - Basic Track With Guitar Overdubs

  2. Rock And Roll - Alternate Mix

  3. The Battle Of Evermore - Mandolin/Guitar Mix From Headley Grange

  4. Stairway To Heaven - Sunset Sound Mix

  5. Misty Mountain Hop - Alternate Mix

  6. Four Sticks - Alternate Mix

  7. Going To California - Mandolin/Guitar Mix

  8. When The Levee Breaks - Alternate UK Mix