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Lamb Of God got sued for listening to demo

Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton has explained why he always refuses to listen to demos offered to him by hopeful bands.

His own outfit once became the subject of legal action after accepting a recording that had been handed to them.

Morton says: “Years ago, some aspiring band gave us their demo. Some time after that unremarkable incident, they presented us with a lawsuit.

“They claimed that, upon hearing their crappy demo, we stole some of their music and released it as our own without compensating them.”

He says that very little came of the unfounded allegation and “the whole thing went away as quickly as it had appeared.”

But he adds: “That, my good friends, is why I don’t want to hear your demo. As so often happens in life, one asshole ruins it for everybody.”

Lamb Of God launch a US tour next month. They’ve been nominated for a Grammy for their track 512, which appears on latest album VII: Sturm Und Drang.

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