Lamb Of God Chris not Slipknot drummer


Lamb Of God's Chris Adler has finally quashed rumours that he is Slipknot's new drummer.

Adler had remained silent as rumours grew that he was the man to replace Joey Jordison, who was sacked by Slipknot last year. But he has since directly addressed the chatter in a post on his personal Facebook page, meaning fans will have to wait a little longer to find out who is behind the kit.

He says: “I’ve had and have nothing to do with it. I’m flattered with the association and comparisons, but I have no involvement in their record.”

The stories started last week when Slipknot released new track The Negative One, which fans pointed out bore some of the hallmarks of Adler’s drumming.

Earlier, Adler fuelled the rumours when he spoke to ABC News, saying: “You know, I listened to it and I thought it sounded a little bit like me, too. At the moment, I just don’t recall doing it.”

Earlier this month, frontman Corey Taylor told fans to be patient over details of their fifth album – their first since the death of bassist Paul Gray – saying: “Trust me. When the time is right we’ll give you the answers you need. That’s the way it is.”