Kyros play isolation gig for World Health Day

Kyros full band shot
(Image credit: Kyros/Press)

Kyros have teamed up for a special isolation gig in honour of World Health Day. The band, who are based in the UK and US, were forced to cancel gigs prior to the lockdown due to travel restrictions between the two countries.

Their US-based guitarist Joey Frevola says: “[My location] means we need to be more prepared when it comes to gigs with regards to visa paperwork and funding. As the situation mounted both here and in the UK, it became increasingly more difficult to navigate, to the point where it was eventually an impossible task.”

Kyros, who are currently working on a new album, recorded the performance remotely with everyone playing their parts live at home in isolation. The set includes songs from their previous albums, including fan favourite Cloudburst and Life Is What You Make Of It from their debut Synaesthesia.

Says singer Adam Warne: “We felt like we really owed it to our fans to thank them in some way for their patience and dedication. With everyone cooped up in isolation, we wanted to add to the pool of entertainment out there to keep people smiling and spirits high through these tough times.”

Adds drummer Robin Johnson: “I hope that some point later this year we’ll be able to play some gigs. But if we can’t then we will find alternative ways to promote our upcoming album and keep our fans entertained. This video is the start of that process, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we do more things of a similar nature later in the year.

“Like everyone, I wish we weren’t in this situation, but the reality is we are, and we have to get as much out of this as we can. We’ll be using this period of isolation to do some more writing and I'm excited for what we’ll be coming up with.”