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Korn’s Davis sued over failed serial killer museum

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis is being sued for $250,000 over a failed serial killer museum.

He tried to launch the project with a partner in 2006, but the idea came to nothing. After two rounds of legal action his attorneys reached an agreement for him to pay $158,000 at $1000 a month.

But TMZ reports that Davis only made the first two payments to his lawyers, then stopped – and as a result they’re suing him for a total of $256,021, including interest.

The American Curiosities Museum was to focus on exhibits associated with some of the most infamous murderers in US history.

Davis – who attended a mortuary science school before his band found success – has made no comment. He recently confirmed he’d be working on a musical project with old friend Marilyn Manson, after the pair resolved their feud.

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