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Kingcrow continue exploration of life

Italian prog outfit Kingcrow have completed their sixth album, Eidos, and they’ll launch it in June.

It’s described as the latest part of their trilogy about life that started with 2010’s Phlegethon, dealing with childhood, and continued with last year’s_ In Crescendo_, which looked at the end of youth.

Label Sensory Records say: “Musically it sees the band exploring new territories and pushing the extremes of its sonic soundscape, with a darker atmosphere and a more progressive attitude.

“Eidos will open the doorway for what lies in wait for them.”

The record arrives on June 23.


  1. The Moth

  2. Adrift

  3. Slow Down

  4. Open Sky

  5. Fading Out Pt. IV

  6. The Deeper Divide

  7. On The Barren Ground

  8. At The Same Pace

  9. Eidos

  10. If Only

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