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Karnataka introduce new vocalist Sertari

Karnataka have introduced their new vocalist Sertari.

She takes over from Hayley Griffiths who left after the band announced they were going on an indefinite hiatus in 2017 due to the departures of keyboardist Cagri Tozluogo and guitarist Enrico Pinn.

Since then, the band have reformed behind bassist Ian Jones and recently brought in The Tangent guitarist Luke Machin for their live shows and upcoming studio work – and now Sertari will take her place in the new-look lineup.

Jones says: “Sertari entranced us with her beautiful vocals in the audition – there was an immediate chemistry and it was clear we all shared the same musical vision. 

“We loved the way she interpreted the songs, respecting the original versions while adding her own feel and emotion, sprinkling the sound with that extra bit of magic. 

“It was very obvious to us that she was a perfect match for the band.”

Anglo-Cypriot singer-songwriter Sertari reports that she’s excited about joining Karnataka and adds: “I became an instant fan listening to all the songs. 

“It was great to sing some of the songs for the group and I’m really happy that they liked what I did on the day. I am looking forward to the future and being part of Karnataka and journey ahead.”

In December last year, Griffiths said she found out about the hiatus through the band's post on Facebook and reported that she was “utterly devastated” and that the decision was “taken firmly out of my hands.”