Judy Dyble returns with new album and single

Judy Dyble - Earth Is Sleeping

1. Marianna
2. Promises
3. Answerphone
4. Take Me Dancing
5. Velvet To Atone
6. Faded Elvis
7. See What Your Words
8. She Now Owns A Heart Of Stone
10. Lullaby For Ellie
11. I Found A Rainbow
12. Broken Day
13. Earth Is Sleeping
14. Newborn Creatures

Judy Dyble has announced that she’ll release her new solo album titled Earth Is Sleeping this summer.

It’s set to arrive on July 6 via Acid Jazz Records, with the record comprising songs written between 2009-2016.

Earth Is Sleeping will feature various writers who have assisted with the completion of some of the tracks, including guitarist Michael Raphael, co-writer of Rod Stewart’s Maggie May and composer of Trader Horne’s Velvet To Atone – which also features on the new record – Martin Quittenden and Dyble’s daughter Stephanie Hellsten.

Speaking about some of the tracks, Dyble says: “Answerphone is about the aftermath of grief when the only memory comes in the voice of a saved answerphone message, where the bereaved listener redials in the hope that by some miracle it will be the person not the recording.”

Dyble says the song Lullaby For Ellie was written for her daughter’s newly born daughter and is about “the promise of unconditional love and caring for the whole of her days.”

To mark the announcement, Dyble has released a stream of the album’s opening track Marianna which can be heard below.