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Judas The Dancer cover Faith No More

Judas The Dancer
Judas The Dancer

Judas The Dancer have released a video for their cover of Faith No More’s Digging The Grave.

The Italian four-piece have lifted the track from their upcoming EP Post Pop Violence, due out on June 20.

Judas The Dancer say they chose the song because they wanted to pay tribute to “one of the greatest bands of all time.”

They add: “Faith No More totally did whatever they wanted, talking about genre but never forgot to let people have fun and enjoy the music.

“Nowadays lots of bands crush their heads against walls trying to be ‘interesting’, ‘innovative’ or too complicated, and they just forget the point – music is by the people, for the people.

“Make your own sound, write cool songs but let the people understand you and enjoy your music all together. Faith No More always understood this. Time changes, the power of music doesn’t.“

Digging The Grave can be purchased on Judas The Dancer’s Bandcamp.

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