Joey Jordison: Sinsaenum debut album is 'black metal sushi'

A promo picture of metal band Sinsaenum

Joey Jordison has described Sinsaenum’s upcoming debut album as “black metal sushi.”

The former Slipknot drummer formed Sinsaenum with Dragonforce’s Frederic Leclercq and the lineup is completed by Mayhem and Sunn O))) singer Attila Csihar, Daath and former Chimaira keyboardist Sean Zatorsky, Loudblast guitarist Stephane Buriez and Seth bassist Heimoth.

Sinsaenum’s debut album Echoes Of The Tortured will be released via earMUSIC on July 29 and it includes interludes between the tracks – a move Jordison says was deliberately designed to create a certain atmosphere on the record.

He tells Loud TV: “It’s like a soundtrack, a movie. It’s a mental soundtrack. This has to do with a long, long fascination and obsession with black and death metal and the combination of the two.

“So when we started making the music and writing the shit, the interludes had to separate each song because you need to digest the whole thing.

“You take a bit of something…it’s almost like sushi. It’s the fucking black metal sushi.

The interludes are the strings, the ties, of the whole record. They let you get your breath before you get pummelled again.”

As well as his work Sinsaenum, Jordison is working with Vimic and previously said he’d be open to speaking with Slipknot about a future return to the band.

Jordison is the cover star of the latest issue of Metal Hammer, out now in print and via TeamRock+.

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