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It Bites 4-disc set covers early years

UMC will release a four-disc It BItes set, Whole New World: The Virgin Album 1986-1991, on November 3.

It contains Francis Dunnery and co’s first three studio albums – The Big Lad In The Windmill, Once Around The World and Eat Me In St Louis – plus live LP Thank You And Goodnight.

Each title is accompanied by bonus tracks such as single edits, B-sides and more. The set is presented in new artwork with sleeve notes by Malcolm Dome.

It Bites’ most recent release was 2012’s Map Of The Past – their second with frontman John Mitchell, who joined in 2006. Whole New World is available for pre-order now.


Disc 1: The Big Lad In The Windmill

  1. I Got You Eating Out Of My Hand

  2. All In Red

  3. Whole New World

  4. Screaming On The Beaches

  5. Wanna Shout

  6. Turn Me Loose

  7. Cold Tired And Hungry

  8. Calling All The Heroes

  9. You’ll Never Get To Heaven

10.The Big Lad In The Windmill


12.Calling All The Heroes (7-inch version)

13.Strange But True (full-length version)

14.Black December

15.Calling All The Heroes (live at the Marquee 1986)

16.Screaming On The Beaches (live at the Marquee 1986)

Disc 2: Once Around The World

  1. Midnight

  2. Kiss Like Judas

  3. Yellow Christian

  4. Rose Marie

  5. Black December

  6. The Old Man And The Angel

  7. Hunting The Whale

  8. Plastic Dreamer

  9. Once Around The World

10.Castles (12-inch full-length version)

11.Staring At The Whitewash

12.Kiss Like Judas (12-inch extended mix)

13.Midnight (extended version)

Disc 3: Eat Me In St Louis

  1. Positively Animal

  2. Underneath Your Pillow

  3. Let Us All Go

  4. Still Too Young To Remember

  5. Murder Of The Planet Earth

  6. People Of America

  7. Sister Sarah

  8. Leaving Without You

  9. Till The End Of Time

10.The Ice Melts Into Water


12.Having A Good Day


14.Bullet In The Barrel


Disc 4: Thank You And Goodnight

  1. Kiss Like Judas

  2. All In Red

  3. Underneath Your Pillow

  4. Murder Of The Planet Earth

  5. The Ice Melts (Into Water)

  6. Yellow Christian

  7. You’ll Never Go To Heaven

  8. Calling All The Heroes

  9. Screaming On The Beaches

10.Still Too Young To Remember ** **

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