Maiden’s Eddie is pop art star


Iron Maiden mascot Eddie is featured in the first-ever exhibition of official spin-off artwork, which has just been unveiled at San Diego’s Comic Con.

The pop art display on the Acme Archives booth includes material inspired by classic tracks Powerslave, 2 Minutes To Midnight, To Tame A Land, Killers and more, with limited-edition prints of each item on sale via Dark Ink Art.

Dan Mumford, who created his take on Powerslave, says: “The epic cover was burned into my brain from an early age. Not only does it raise Eddie up to his rightful god status – it allowed me to play with some incredible imagery, and create a piece that hopefully does him and the band justice.”

Maiden manager Rod Smallwood says: “Eddie has long been recognised by our fans as an iconic figure. That Pop Culture, which draws upon movies, art, comics and literature, should wish to welcome him to their ranks is a huge tribute to his longevity, unique symbolism and importance to millions of fans around the world.

“With such a rich canvas and so much love for the character, it is fitting that he stands inside Acme Archives with his peers. And of course terrorises them all.”

Maiden are gearing up to release 16th album The Book Of Souls on September 4, following a delay while frontman Bruce Dickinson was treated for cancer.