IOEarth add 'secret weapon' in new man Jez


IOEarth have introduced two new members of their lineup, describing violinist and rhythm guitarist Jez King as a "secret weapon" and drummer CJ Jerromes as a "kick-ass" performer.

The latest additions will appear on upcoming album New World and they’ll also take part in their subsequent tour dates.

King, a fan of Yes, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd and Dream Theater says the opportunity is a “lifelong dream come true” and adds: “I’ve been a jobbing musician for over 25 years, but to work with the talents of Dave Cureton and Adam Gough is just mind-blowing.”

Cureton adds: “Adding a violin to the band has given us a whole new layer of sound to work with at gigs. Rehearsals have been incredible, opening up ideas for old and new songs alike.”

Gough comments: “Jez helps showcase some of the more subtle aspects of our music. IOEarth have yet another secret weapon.”

Jerromes, whose background is in metal, says: “Everyone in the band is so easy to get on with, and earning new material has been awesome too. I can’t wait to get out there and smash it!”

Gough vows of the 23-year-old: “He’s going to kick your ass live.”

New World, the band’s third album, is their first with vocalist Linda Odinsen after Claire Malin bowed out last year. They’ll appear at the Veruno Prog Festival in Italy on September 7.