Incubus back with Absolution Calling


Incubus have launched a lyric video for their track Absolution Calling – their first official release in four years.

The band decided to concentrate on personal projects after 2011’s If Not Now, When? but guitarist Mike Einziger last year said new music would arrive in 2015.

Now they’ve confirmed a pair of EPs will appear in the coming months. Trust Fall: Side A is to be launched next month, while the second title is expected by the summer.

Einziger tells KROQ: “We’re doing this really fun thing right now where we’re just writing songs, recording them and then releasing them, as we finish them. We don’t really know what’s going to happen – and the chaos that comes along with that is exhilarating.

“All we’ve ever done is try and make music that gets us excited, and hopefully other people will like it to. We’re in the advanced information age when we can just put things out.”