Incubus scheming over comeback


Incubus are working on their first new music in three years, guitarist Mike Einziger has revealed.

The band’s last released was 2011’s _If Not Now, When? _after which they turned their attention to other projects. But Einziger and frontman Brandon Boyd recently decided to commence writing sessions.

The guitarist tells “Me and Brandon have been scheming in the last couple of weeks. There’s definitely going to be new music.

“It’s like little bits here and there. Everybody’s got a lot of things going on, but we’re slowly bringing our focus back to the band. Everbody’s excited about it because we’ve had enough time away. There’s definitely some really great stuff coming.”

Incubus haven’t set a deadline for completing work. “It probably won’t happen until next year,” Einziger admits. “But it’s happening. Our plan is to put new music out early enough in the year that we’d be set up to do full touring in the summer.”

His most recent work is anti-child labour song Til Everyone Can See, recorded alongside Blink 182’s Travis Barker, movie composer Hans Zimmer and former child sex slave Minh Dang.