Hook solo record 'written for Neil'


Jason Hook says his debut solo record was originally written as a Vince Neil album.

The Five Finger Death Punch guitarist released Safety Dunce in 2007 with the help of 5FDP drummer Jeremy Spencer. Around the same time, he was working with the Vince Neil Band and wrote a bunch of songs that he offered to the Motley Crue singer.

But when Neil dragged his feet, Hook put the record out himself.

He tells The Sweetwater Minute: “Jeremy and I had been friends. He was one of the first musicians that I became friends with in Los Angeles. He’s an incredibly talented and hard-working guy, and we just clicked.

“When I started I started playing with Vince Neil I was trying to get Vince to do a record. I was, like, ‘I’ve got this great drummer, and I can write all the music.’ And Vince was, like, ‘Yeah, cool, man. That’s cool.’

“But I could never nail Vince down to get any work done. So Jeremy and I ended up having all this music that we were working on and recording, and I said, ‘You know what, let’s just turn it into an instrumental record and I’ll just do a bunch of leads over it, and we’ll look at it like that.’ We were trying to make a solo record for Vince. And it ended up being my record.”

Hook also discusses working with Bulletboys and pop singer Mandy Moore in the interview, which can be viewed below