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HIM, Comeback Kid and a special Anthrax performance for Sonisphere

Pulling double-duty across the festival are the New York thrash titans Anthrax playing their Among The Living album in full.

That’s right, folks! As well as playing the main stage on Saturday night, Anthrax will be playing an extra set in Bohemia the night before. Performing their legendary Among The Living album in full, it’s a bloody thrashy way to kick off a weekend of rock and metal.

Also announced today are the pioneers of love metal – HIM. In their only UK show of 2014, Ville Valo and his band of gloomy minstrels are flying in from Finland especially for the Friday night of Sonisphere. Bassist Mikko “Migé” Paananen says:

“We, the merry men of HIM, will bring our socially dysfunctional selves to Sonisphere UK next summer. We are like a bad tasting but nutritious grandma biscuit you can dip into your inner worlds. It’ll be fun and possibly out of control, you’ll see. There will be smoke, lights and psychedelia. Sweat and zealotry. Men will cry. It’s going to be a FUCKING EMOTIONADO!”

Other kick-ass names included in today’s announcement are Comeback Kid, Sweet Savage, October File, Eureka Machines, The Bots, Straight Lines, Zico Chain, Black Dogs, Love Zombies, Stormzone, Shrine, Rival State, The Wild Lies, The Raven Age and Empire Kill.

Find out more on Sonisphere here. Check out the new line-up poster below.