Hellyeah gig cut short by chemical leak


Hellyeah had to abruptly end a show in Texas after an ammonia leak at a nearby factory.

The band were about three quarters of the way through their set at Warehouse Live in Houston on Friday night when emergency services called a halt to proceedings and evacuated the venue.

The Houston Fire Department eventually tracked the problem down to a cracked cooling system pipe at the nearby Freedman Food Services warehouse. Members of the public called police when they noticed the smell, which is said to have carried over a large area.

Nobody was hurt in the incident, Khou reports.

Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul says: “We were pissed but we had no choice but to comply for the safety of our fans. We love you Houston, and we wanna come back and make it up to you soon.”

The band continue their North American tour. They are expected to record the follow-up to 2014 album Blood For Blood this year.