Heart: Husband of Ann Wilson sentenced in assault case

Nancy and Ann Wilson
Nancy and Ann Wilson

The husband of Heart vocalist Ann Wilson has been given a suspended sentence for assaulting the teenage twins of the band’s guitarist Nancy Wilson.

Dean Wetter was arrested in August last year for allegedly assaulting Nancy’s 16-year-old twin sons on a tour bus during Heart’s show at White River Amphitheatre, Auburn, Washington.

SeattlePI.com report that 66-year-old Wetter pleaded guilty to two counts of fourth-degree assault. As a result, he was handed a 364-day suspended sentence, meaning he will not spend time behind bars.

Wetter’s plea agreement includes payment for restitution, two years of probation, counselling and he’s to have no contact with his two nephews.

The incident has caused the hiatus of Heart, with Nancy recently saying: “When something like that happens inside a really tight family, it’s really scarring for everyone involved. There’s a lot of victims besides my own kids in the scenario.

“I think that’s part of the reason Ann wanted to take another direction, until that stuff’s more resolved. I hope it can and I think it will. Time is the healer. I’m just wishing and hoping for the best. The thing to do is go forward, and be positive and stay as affirmative about everything as possible.”

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