Haunted Dolving blames industry for his departure

Former The Haunted frontman Peter Dolving has blamed the current state of the music industry as the reason he’s bowed out.

He argues that the business could be an “amazing thing” and a positive force – but instead it’s a mess.

He quit The Haunted for the second time in 2012 and went on to release a solo album, Thieves And Liars, in 2013 before joining IAmFire, who issued the Eyes Wide Open EP earlier this year. He left that band in April and moved to Brazil.

Dolving says: “Most have accepted that I am not actively pursuing a career in music anymore.”

He continues: “People who work in music just don´t get marketing. What I have come to see is that ‘the music business’ - one that could really be an amazing thing, with potential for true positive influence in society, is a mess.

“It should be a based in basic cultural contextual facts that make it beautiful. But instead I found disgust, unwillingness and ignorance. Narcissists, and even psychopaths in far too many positions of power. People who don’t have abstract conceptual understanding, and the necessary skill sets to act in way that is good for the companies they run or work for.“

Dolving adds: “People who only serve themselves are not good for much. That’s just sad fact.”

Meanwhile, The Haunted have started work on the follow-up to last year’s Exit Wounds. The Swedish metal outfit’s eighth album was singer Marco Aro’s first in his second stint with the band.